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Ursula has broad experience over the past twenty years in small business development based on her community involvement and entrepreneurial ventures.ย 

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Not everyone that has a business or wants to have a business do it to make a profit. You know what we call those "businesses" -- hobbies. It's okay to have a hobby, hobbies are fun. But I'm here to talk about elevating your business.

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A compilation of business articles that offer simple and practical solutions to common problems faced by small business owners.

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Powerful Wisdom from Leaders in the Field Paperback
Ursula breaks down the four key concepts you need to incorporate into every financial decision that you make and how ignoring them can lead to financial instability. Then she outlines the critical steps you need to take to create financial health and wellbeing, even if you used to believe that you didnโ€™t have time for it. From start to finish, Ursula gives you the tools to take charge of your financial life and make changes for the better!

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My passion is helping you take your business to a higher level.

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